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i-LEARN Ace is a fully integrated digital learning portal with content based on the Malaysian National Primary & Secondary School Curriculum created by Sasbadi Online, a company with long-standing expertise in educational content and digital platform development. This 21st century learning portal is a powerful cloud-based platform carefully designed to meet every students' revision needs. It consists of comprehensive academic notes on subject topics and questions complete with answers.

Most importantly, the i-LEARN Ace engine also enables data-driven studies, whereby reports on the performance enable students to target their weak areas. The platform is constantly being updated with latest education syllabuses and functions to ensure it is always relevant, practical and holistic. With the help of Voice Activated software solutions such as NVDA and JAWS, i-LEARN Ace is uniquely user-friendly and effective for the visually impaired, and is a proud supporter of the House of Light initiative.

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